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Dr. Yuteng (Peter) Chang


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Dr. Peter Chang has been practicing evidence-based Chiropractic care in the Greater Vancouver Region for almost two decades. Nothing thrives him more than providing care for his patients in need with compassion and empathy. Dr. Chang acquired his Kinesiology degree from Simon Fraser University with a focus on Active Health and Nutrition. During this time, he discovered his passion for the power of innate healing and it resonated cohesively with the Chiropractic philosophy. He went on to complete his Chiropractic training with Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. 


Chiropractic approach focuses on spinal health and enhances the body’s natural ability to heal. The combination of joint manipulations to release mechanical fixations and manual soft-tissue therapy to restore body function are the foundations of Chiropractic healing.


Dr. Chang has helped countless number of patients retore their musculoskeletal health expeditiously throughout his years of practice. Whether you have suffered from an acute or chronic sports injury, been through a work or motor vehicle accident, Chiropractic care can expediate your return to regular routine safely and effectively.


Latest medical researches confirm that a multi-disciplinary holistic approach assures the best result for any given medical condition. Dr. Chang is thrilled to be a member of the complete wellness team at Pegasus Integrated Health and is looking forward to seeing you soon!

Ready to start your healing process?

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