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Kinesiology and Exercise Therapy Richmond BC

Kinesiology Taping

Active Rehabilitation

At Pegasus, we provide exercise-based rehabilitation. It is the use of exercises to treat asymmetries and dysfunction by targeting muscle imbalances, form and technique. Specific exercise prescription is aimed at building strength and developing muscular awareness and motor control. This can restore musculoskeletal function in an effort to reduce pain caused by injuries.

Exercises are an important component of your rehabilitation. These exercises are prescribed based on your specific condition, like spinal stenosis, and rehabilitation goals, like being able to walk to the local coffee shop. Accurate and focused exercise techniques are necessary to make sure you are doing them correctly to avoid causing shoulder pain or sciatic nerve pain. 

Our Kinesiologists can also review your current exercise program to make sure you are executing each exercise effectively to reduce injury and promote symmetrical joint protection. Our team has extensive training in exercise physiology in observing exercise techniques while providing useful tips and tricks to allow you to reach your training and lifestyle goals.

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