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Chiropractic Treatment Richmond BC

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​Therapeutic art Group

In this 3D sand therapeutic art creation group, participants will pick up some painting techniques to relieve their emotional distress and find a healthy way to express their feelings. Participant will then enter a state of self-exploration and self-reflection. It is hoped that participants will find their own way to letting go of things and gaining a new sense of self- efficacy.


The course is accessible to everyone. Our instructor, Shala Lao, graduated from Emily Carr University of Art+ Design. She will guide you a journey that includes both aesthetics and mindful elements in the art group, along with contemporary and minimalist approaches.


Group size: 4-8 participants to allow space for participants to have a deep sense of self-reflection


You are welcome to bring snacks and non- alcohol drinks with you to participate the journey of therapeutic art creation.

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