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About Pegasus Integrated Health

At Pegasus Integrated Health, we do things differently. We believe that physical therapy should be comprehensive; a synergy between physical and mental strength.

Our overall goal is to decrease your pain physically, heal your mind, and provide you with the tools to help get you back to feeling like yourself again: Pain-free in the body and mind.

We’re on a mission to make investing in emotional and physical wellness something that is normal, and a priority for everyone.

Your care and treatment plan will be supported by a team of competent, highly skilled, and compassionate doctors and therapists, who all share one goal, to help you achieve and maintain your optimum health and wellness. At Pegasus, we strive to deliver the highest level of patient care and experience.

Why choose us?

Physical Therapist

When you become our patient, you receive more than just the quality care you need. We believe it is important to know what is occurring in your body and why. When you're informed, you are empowered to take your health and wellness into your own hands.

The learning doesn't stop once you're out of pain, either. Most of our patients choose to visit us for wellness visits to maintain their health.

We offer much more than just physical rehab.

We're here every step of the way in your journey to a better, healthier, pain-free, happier YOU.






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Physio Therapy

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Start your healing process today!

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