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We are looking for like-minded health professionals with a focus in wellness to collaborate in the coming future (September 2022) to build up an innovative, customer-focused health team. Our convenient location provides an upscale and comprehensive wellness setting to our clients.

We are located just by the Richmond-Brighouse Skytrain Station, and Richmond Center Bus Loop, right in the heart of Downtown Richmond.

Current Openings

Physiotherapist – Full-time/Part-time

Registered Massage Therapists – Full-time/Part-time

Acupuncturist – Full-time/Part-time

Clinical Counsellors – Full-time/Part-time

Kinesiologists – Full-time/Part-time

Dieticians – Full-time/Part-time

Please note that all positions require proof of certification, and must be registered within the province of British Columbia.


Clinic Address: 315 - 8171 Cook Road, Richmond, BC V6Y 3T8


Phone Number: 604-232-8888

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Tel: 1-(604)-232-8888


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