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Chin Hsiu Cryus) Wu


Cyrus Headshot

Cyrus Wu is a practitioner of Acupuncture, licensed by the CTCMA in British Columbia.


She focuses on providing her patients with thorough, individualized, and comprehensive care, treating various specific conditions and symptoms. In addition, Traditional Chinese Medicine has a strong focus on prevention and is beneficial in maintaining good health despite the many demands and challenges of a busy lifestyle. More than just treating pain,


Cyrus promotes preventative health, wellness, and patient empowerment. She also integrates energy healing into her practice and is committed to helping people to feel their best.


- Specialize in Scar tissue Breaking (Fu Subcutaneous Needling and Mini Ren Needling) 

- Specialize in Cosmetic Acupuncture

- Specialize in Eye Care with Manual Technique

Ready to start your healing process?

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