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Caroline Klemens



Caroline is a mother to three adult daughters, past semi-pro athlete, and registered dietitian. Soon, it will be 30 years that Caroline has dedicated herself to guiding clients on their journey to a healthier life. She believes that your knowledge and mindset are the key drivers to any change, including weight release. Even if you think you have tried it all, Caroline invites you to explore mindful and intuitive eating strategies with her to help you experience the satisfaction of reaching your goals.

She stands for women not struggling with their food choices and weight anymore.  Her driving force is to disrupt the dieting industry and do away with quick fixes that promise improved health and weight loss.

After cycling across Canada, she learned that anything is possible if it is broken down into manageable steps.  She has the ability to help her clients find the answers to question they never knew they had.

After becoming accidentally overweight she has released the weight and founded a program to help women do the same.  Coupled with three decades of experience she has helped countless people step back into their magnificence to live the rest of their life to their full potential.

Outside of work Caroline loves to recharge by connecting with nature and going on a stroll in the woods or on a ride with her bicycle group. The closeness to nature is what drew her from Toronto to Vancouver.

Caroline obtained her Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree in Applied Human Nutrition from Toronto Metropolitan University.

Ready to start your healing process?

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