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Joeriss Alarcon

Registered Massage Therapist 

Joeriss photo.jpeg

Joeriss “Joe” is a graduate from the Vancouver Career College RMT program in 2022, he was a full time RMT student and full time healthcare worker when he was studying. Joe now is studying in KPU and under International Educated Nurses program to become a Canadian Registered Nurse. 

Currently, Joe is working as a Patient Care Aide in Oncology Unit in BC Children Hospital, helping the families, nurses and doctors to take care of sicks kids, and through his experience, Joe understood the value of patient centred care and continues to apply that in each of his sessions as a massage practitioner.

Joe recognize that there no two people are alike, therefore, treatment is personalized for your unique needs. It is important for him to identify  the culprit of the problem to aim to restore general function and provide relief. Joe used variety of technique, including deep tissue, Swedish massage, hydrotherapy, joint mobilizations, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release.

In his spare time, Joe enjoys going out with his family and playing basketball with his friends.

Ready to start your healing process?

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